Sharing, Exchanging and Experimenting
Digital Skills

for engineering education


Technical platform
The platform is the technical solution that gathers the generated resources, It helps to organize collaboration within the consortium and foster public exchange.

Shared lectures
The Shared Distributed Lecture project defines the building block approach for a combination of course elements, which are the actual lecturing parts, the lab exercises, the on-site visits and small student projects.    

Remote labs
Remote labs are interactive, remotely accessible laboratories for students who are learning applied topics and who need to test on a platform.

Virtual visits
Virtual visits will allow students from different countries and of all physical abilities and financial resources to experience modern construction/industrial projects.

Catalog of projects
Students have access to an alternative medium that guides them in completing a project on a specific skill or training. It allows students to work together remotely on an ad hoc basis, and to assess their own ability to contribute to collaborative work in such a situation.

Teachers training material
The Teachers Training Material project result consists of supportive documentations and best practice guidelines for the design and execution of shared distributed courses.